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Something else at the Osrs gold
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MensagemEnviada: Seg, 26 Ago 2019 9:52 am    Assunto: Something else at the Osrs gold Responder com Citação

Runescape is indeed mind-numbing, that it is almost impossible to play if you are not doing something else at the Osrs gold same moment. You stated that there are many good content creators, but the only reason they are there is because they can literally produce the content and play Runescape at precisely the same moment. There's overpowered equipment hidden behind drop rates, creating artificial scarcity.

The economy is largely broken, NPC stores are useless and inflation is a problem. The combat system isn't deep, it's the most shallow battle system of any MMO that is popular. Even if it these bugs were true features, the grid-based and ability-less nature of the combat system cuts out many of the strategic elements of other MMO combat systems. There is no positioning. There's no construct variation or counter play choices. You do not even need to Buy Rs gold learn to use a rotation.

You fight one guy, nearly always stand in 1 location, and find out who can click through a list menu. You are also required to buy or craft consumables inorder to stand a chance. There is no level climbing, so unless you are near maximum degree, whichever player has grinded for more will always win.

OSRS is merely a skinnerbox, made to suck as much time from it's players as possible, so that they continue paying JAGEX their inflated subscription fees for much longer than they should. It's a psychological trap designed to pray on those that are addicted to the drip-feed of dopamine of it.
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